Since 1924, we have established a strong, lasting brotherhood by carrying out our mission everyday.


Our Mission

Alpha Gamma Pi is an organization steeped in tradition that has been passed from generation to generation for more than 90 years. However, above all, we have always prided ourselves on our close-knit brotherhood. Being initiated into AGP is much more than simply joining a social group. The bonds that form among our brothers are some of the closest friendships that you will develop in your lifetime. You will be acquiring a group of best friends that will step up to help a brother in any way they can. 

We are not interested in simply accumulating members for the sake of building up our numbers. We are looking for individuals who are willing to dedicate themselves to our organization. We are looking for ambitious young men who want to be leaders and want to carry on the traditions and values that this fraternity hold most valuable. Because of this, we take our bidding process very seriously and only award bids to those whom we deem worthy candidates. Receiving a bid from Alpha Gamma Pi means that the brothers have specifically chosen you for positive qualities that you have exemplified. Awarding a young man a bid means that we feel those qualities he has exemplified will develop through our new member process and he will emerge as a man we are proud to call a brother of Alpha Gamma Pi.